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What is the Digital Lifestyle Conference?

The #1 online conference to help people to change their life, get inspired and eventually start their own (location independent) business. Some of the best lifestyle entrepreneurs share their expertise for building the right mindset and skills to start and run an own online business that can be managed from all over the world.

What You’ll Be Promoting

Participants will learn actionable tips and techniques from our speakers in the video interviews that stream live for 24 hours. This option is free. For lifetime access to the video interviews plus valuable content and bonuses, different Conference Passes are available. 

With the Basic Pass people can get lifetime access to all mentor sessions.

Besides the Basic Pass there is also a Premium Pass available, that includes business deep dive sessions. In these sessions each speaker gives away their business insights as well as their strategies on how they market and manage their businesses in great detail. In addition, the Premium Pass includes exclusive bonuses. 

For people who would like to get access to conference 1 & 2 there is a VIP Pass available that includes Premium Access to both conferences.


These are the (Early Bird) passes attendees can choose from


Get lifetime access to
all mentor sessions

$97 $


SAVE 30%

  • Lifetime Access
  • Direct Access To All Mentor Sessions (Part 1)
  • Facebook Community Access

Get lifetime access to the PREMIUM PASSES of conference 1 & 2

$494 $


SAVE 50%

  • Get everything from conference 1 & 2 (Premium Passes)

How You Will Make Money

As an affiliate you earn 50% on each of the three Access Pass net sales (gross sales - transaction costs - refunds).

See the pricing and commission structure below:

Basic Pass

Premium Pass

VIP Pass

Early Bird Price




Your Commission




Regular Price




Your Commission




Follow this winning formula

Beyond being sincere and genuine with your followers about why the conference rocks your socks off, there are some tried-and-true strategies to use so people get extra stoked.

Email three times before the summit begins. Interviews are only available for 24 hours before they’re locked away in the vault, so stress that point. Share all over social media! There are plenty of graphics to swipe. We experienced that still emails work better than social media channels.

Here is our Conference Promotion schedule

We highly recommend to promote the conference before it officially starts. Below you find our recommended promotion schedule. Also check the FAQ to learn more about the details.





Promote the Conference before it starts on September 9th

Monday, the 9th

Mail a launch announcement


Tuesday, the 10th

24h left until the Early Bird special expires


Sunday, the 15th

48h Flash Sale announcement


Monday, the 16th

24h Flash Sale reminder


Affiliate Details & Rules

Commissions on the passes are 50% of net sales.
(gross sales – transaction costs - refunds = net sales)

Commissions will be paid out 30 days after the sale is made. This allows time to process refunds. Your cookie is good for life (last cookie wins), so you will continue to earn commissions long after the event is over. Your affiliate link, pictures, videos & swipe copy will be accessible in the affiliate area.

You can sign up as an affiliate and log into your affiliate dashboard by clicking the link below.


How do I become an affiliate?

Which plan should I promote? Which affiliate link should I use?

When and how often should I promote?

What are your best practices in sharing content that resonates the most with people so far?

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How does the affiliate link work exactly?

Where do I find the promo materials?

Do people get a free ticket or do they have to pay?

Do you have a walkthrough video?

Still Have Questions?

Simply contact us if you have any questions.
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