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Jimmy Naraine

Award Winning Udemy Teacher,
Public Speaker

Jimmy teaches over 100,000 students on Udemy. His bestselling courses have been featured by Entrepreneur & Business Insider and he regularly teaches at conferences such as MindvalleyU. He is as well the co-founder of the "Grow Masters" mastermind program.

David Vu

Serial Entrepreneur, 
Udemy Top Teacher

David has sold over $1 million in courses on Udemy and is the creator of their #1 best-selling business course of 2016 and 2017. David runs as well an AirBNB rental arbitrage, as well as an Ebay drop shipping business which both generate 6-figures in net residual income. He runs all his businesses remotely while traveling.

Joel Brown

Founder Addicted2Success, 
Digital Leadership & Vision Expert

Founder of, which is the #1 Motivation website and has achieved over 175 Million Views Worldwide.
In his podcast he is featuring thought leaders such as Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Gabby Bernstein, Gary Vaynerchuk and many more. Joel is also featured in several documentary films such as “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

Ashley Hannawacker

Online Branding and Marketing Strategist, Author and Speaker

Ashley specializes in creating powerful, cohesive online brand experiences and is an expert at making websites that make money. Ashley has worked with start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, helping them to expand their reach, revenue and results through powerful, proven online branding and marketing strategies.

Shane MeLaugh

Founder of Thrive Themes
and Active Growth

Shane's first self-created product backlink battle plan made him 6-figures in merely 6 weeks. He then co-founded SwissMadeMarketing (creators of SECockpit) and he took the product from zero to the 7-figure revenue mark in 15 months. Fast forward today he is the founder of Active Growth and Thrive Themes with over 40.000 paying subscribers and 70 employees. Even with a company of this size Shane is traveling around the world, living the digital lifestyle.

Emile Steenveld

Coach & Transformational Speaker

Emile guides individuals to break down inherent beliefs and old habits that sabotage growth and profitable results. He has worked with high profile business leaders across the world, from Australia, Dubai, America, and also worked on mental health retreats in Bali, where he now resides. Emile will teach you how to be the driver of your mind instead of letting the mind drive you.

Xerxes Frechiani (DoubleX)

Branding Expert, Celebrity Consultant, Social Media Influencer

CEO of the full-service international entertainment company, Double X-Entertainment in Miami. He has worked with brands such as Macy's, Colgate, Men's Warehouse, Fossil, Reebok, Facebook and celebrities such as Drake, Pharrell Williams, Travis Scott, and LeBron James. Fun fact: he is befriended with actor Will Smith.

Tino Hoffrichter

Serial Entrepreneur,

Founder of Gym Nutrition

Tino founded "Jaano" the first free floating scooter sharing startup in the world. He also bootstrapped his supplement Brand Gym Nutrition with only 10K to 3,000,000 Euro in revenue per year.

Johnny FD

Founder of Nomad Summit and Passive Income Expert 

Johnny FD managed to grow several passive income streams that generated well over a million dollars. He earns over six figures each year ($150,000 or more) while traveling the world with over 50 countries in total. He is as well the founder and host of the Nomad Summit which takes place in Thailand twice a year. Johnny has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, BBC and other publications.

Kristin Wilson

Founder of Poker Refugees,
Long Term Digital Nomad

Kristin helped over 1,000 people move, retire, or work abroad in over 25 countries. She has been featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, ESPN, The New York Times, Huffpost, HGTV’s House Hunters International and more.

Matteo Lombardi

E-commerce Expert,
Amazon FBA strategist

Matteo started his own global e-commerce business that reached 1 million in sales a year, with around 6 million of sold goods in total.
He is specialized in automation, outsourcing and running a location independent business.

Mark Van Der Heijden

CEO & Co-Founder Wanderbrief,
Public Speaker

Mark is known as "The Backpacker Intern" and shared his story at TEDx and SXSW Festival. He has also been invited by the White House, been featured by Mashable and is one of the "Top 100 Most Influential Travel Bloggers" in the world.

Johannes Völkner

Founder of the Nomad Cruise and Homebase Global

Johannes is one of the first digital nomads and started as well some of the biggest digital nomad communities online and offline. His prestige project is the well-know Nomad Cruise with hundreds of participants per year.

Lydia Baikalova

Founder of

Lydia has founded one of the top rated wedding photography and videography companies in Los Angeles. She shares how to multiply yourself and scale a service-based business to 6-figures.

Matt Bowles

Founder of Maverick Investor Group & The Maverick Show Podcast

Matt runs a physical real estate business while living in 45 countries, proving that you can design your life and business anywhere. He has helped individual real estate investors buy over $100 million in residential investment property has been named one of the “Top 50 Real Estate Opinion Makers and Market Leaders”.

Felix Hartmann

Serial Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Hedge Fund Manager

Felix has his own hedge fund and completed over $100 million in transactions in the last 365 days alone. He also founded Crypto Academy, one of the largest crypto educational platforms for traders and investors and has since advised several blockchain projects. He has spoken at the Digital Stock Summit, Crypto Virtual Summit, and coached thousands of others in mastering the craft of trading.

Ole Kannapin

Online Marketing Expert, Founder

Ole's company is one of the most successful online fitness companies in Germany. With his company he has helped over 200,000 women to lose weight. For his outstanding performance he has already won numerous awards, including the "Online Marketer of the Year" Tiger Award.

Christopher Kai

Fortune 100 global speaker, #1 global bestselling author, and founder of GPS

Christopher is the world’s leading authority in story-based leadership, a Fortune 100 global speaker, #1 global bestselling author, and founder of GPS, the premier speaker training program in the world. Their esteemed speakers list include: Grammy and Oscar winners, FBI agents, Navy Seals, Olympians, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, world record-holding swimmer Diana Nyad, and business visionary Elon Musk. He has also authored 5 books and has been featured on CNN, ABC News, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Fast Company and Forbes.

Ben Keene

Founder of Tribe Wanted, Author, Speaker, Social Entrepreneur

Ben built a cross-cultural community on a Fijian Island that has been featured on TV around the world. He is "UK Entrepreneur of the Year" finalist and "Winner Best Social Network" with TribeWanted that runs successful projects promoting cross -cultural sustainable living with more than 10,000 members worldwide.

Julia Shem

Founder of Goldy.LA, &

Julia has several self-sustainable online businesses including an fully automated e-commerce business that passively generates 6-figures a year in net income.

Christoph Heuermann

Perpetual Traveler, Advisor for a
Tax-Free Lifestyle

Christoph helps entrepreneurs, traders and investors with immigration, banking and business structure optimization to legally avoid taxation. Christoph is also involved in creating an own nation on the island of Roatan (Honduras) to create free private cities. He has appeared on national television and is well-known to enable entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses in developing countries and producing freedom through entrepreneurship.

Alex T Steffen

Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author & founder of Growth Masters

Alex is a bestselling author, an online lecturer with over 14,000 students and a popular stage host for leading technology conferences such as CEBIT, ImpactCEE and Tech Open Air. 

Elmar Haker

Founder of & Co-Founder at

Elmar helps people to discover the potentials of our time and combine their work with a great lifestyle. With Flaks he organizes co-working holidays for sporty entrepreneurs.

​Brilliant Liu

Founder of House of Leaders and Executive Mafia

Brilliant (yes, that’s his real name) is the creator of the Instagram page “House of Leaders” which has reached over 1 Million followers! He is also the Founder of Executive Mafia, a network of over 900 influencers who work and grow together with a combined audience of over 20,000,000.

Yahya Bakkar

Speaking Coach, Online Business consultant & Family Man

He helps leaders to create a movement around their message and also empowers married businessmen to become stronger family men. Yahya has taken the stage over 500 times and is recognized by organizations like TEDx, Yale and Harvard. He helps you to build a 6 to 7 figure coaching and speaking business and is truly the secret weapon when it comes to public speaking, finding your voice and growing your business with speaking.

Joe Fier

[ Bonus Focus Session* ]

Co-Founder of Evergreen Profits & The Hustle and Flowchart Podcast

Joe is the co-founder of Evergreen Profits and the Hustle and Flowchart podcast that he runs together with his business partner Matt Wolfe. Together they are specialized in affiliate marketing and generating HUGE amounts of traffic online. They’ve actually generated well over $100 million in sales for themselves and their clients combined.

​Max Van Collenburg

[ Bonus Focus Session* ]

Chatbot & Automation Expert

Max is an evergreen marketing automation and Facebook chatbot rockstar. He has got a totally different approach than most marketers out there. His marketing is highly-personalized and automated to create a marketing experiences that engages, builds trust & gets people to convert.

Daniel Walzer

[ Bonus Focus Session* ]

Strategy Consultant & Coach

Daniel's company supports clients in over seven countries to build lucrative new business fields and implement faster processes by providing training and consulting for corporations of up to 25.000 employees.

Elina Geller

[ Bonus Focus Session* ]

Digital Nomad & Frequent Flyer

Elina travels around the world as a Digital Nomad and makes efficient use of frequent flyer & Credit Card programs to fly completely for free.

​Greg Curtin

[ Bonus Focus Session* ]

Lifestyle Hacker

Curtin has lived and worked on four continents and made 22 cities his home. He will show you how to own your new city within the first 100 days. No matter your skills, get ready to learn how best to leverage them as the newbie in your new home. Plus he will share his #1 Tinder Travel Hack.

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